Individual Counseling

We offer individual counseling for a wide range of issues. Our counselors are highly trained individuals prepared to help you with whatever unique challenges you face. We offer services in the following areas:

- Marital

- Pre-martial

- Anxiety

- Codependency

Our holistic approach provides quality counseling for those looking to sustain good mental health. You will find the treatment tailored to meet your goals.

All of our counselors are trained to meet with individuls.

Child Counseling | ages 2-11

Childhood is an incredible phase of life filled with exciting experiences, difficulties, challenges, and milestones that each child experiences differently. Whether in normal times of growth and change or difficult life circumstances, children sometimes need extra support and guidance to navigate the problems they face. At FCC, we are dedicated to helping your child overcome these challenges using an approach that adapts to the unique developmental needs of each child and focuses on strengths and skill building. With several different counselors available skilled in a variety of therapeutic techniques, you can be sure to find the support your child needs.

Teen Counseling | ages 12 - 19

The human brain does not finish developing until around age 25. In addition, there are pressures for a teenager that simply didn’t exist in earlier generations. We are seeing more anxiety, depression, self-injury, anger, acting out and addictive behavior than ever before.

Adolescents are complex, and parents are not provided with an instruction manual. Parents constantly worry about how they grow, develop, and what kind of person they will become. Often, teens don’t want to listen to a caretaker. A counselor can fit in when you simply don’t know how to help and can act as a neutral third-party to help facilitate communication and begin the healing within your family. You don’t have to just endure the teenage years. You can have a great relationship with your kids!

All of our counselors welcome teen clients.


Couple Counseling

Maintaining a strong relationship can be a serious challenge. Your relationship is important and we would love to work with you to improve it. Here are a few ways that counseling could help your relationship:

  • Improved communication

  • Working through past hurts

  • Getting unstuck from the negative patterns that often occur

  • Reigniting and strengthening attachment to one another

Contact FCC today to help your relationship get back on track.


Family Counseling

Sticking together as a family can be a difficult challenge when you insert personalities, job responsibilities or loss, male-female differences, raising children in a unified manner, being a single parent, and a myriad of possibilities that seem to make life overwhelming.